A Progressive Farmer

Bundelkhand is a region at the centre of India, spread across thirteen districts in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The region has seen 15 droughts in the last 17 years. As a result of the severe drought and acute shortage of water, many people in the region face a livelihood crisis. Farmers […]

Drumstick Farming Success Stories – Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh

Here is a heart draining answer a farmer gave us when asked, how important is your LAND to you? To a common man, land is just a place where we work. But for a farmer like me, it’s much more than that. L — LifeA — AmbitionN — NativeD — Determination So the moment the farmer lose his land, he will lose his […]

Women Farmers – Gender Inequality in Indian Agriculture

The kind of images that form in our minds when we think of a word have a significant social meaning.  When the average person thinks of the word farmer, the image of a man plowing a field and gazing hopelessly at the sky comes to mind.  This image does not reflect women farmers.  This means […]